Humidifier Repair and Installation in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is beautifully located in the high plains with great views, amazing sunshine, and unfortunately really dry winters. Our climate requires humidification during the winter months to maintain desired humidity levels.

Proper humidification can help reduce dry skin and sinuses, help eliminate bacteria growth and mold, and reduce static electricity. The most common, and most economical, way to add humidity to the home is with a bypass humidifier on a forced air ducted system. When installed properly this system will add the desired amount of humidity for most homes. 

Unfortunately, the majority of bypass humidifiers are not installed with the option of running in fan mode which eliminated their productivity and performance. At A&A we take the time to install our bypass humidifiers so you get the maximum benefit of the system, and a lot of times that means we recommend and upgrade to the furnace blower motor. A high efficiency blower motor that is designed to run constantly not only regulates temperature throughout the home eliminating hot and cold spots, it allows the  humidifier to run more and provide the proper amount of humidity to the home.

Larger homes, and energy efficient applications require a different type of humidifier that provides more humidity for less operating cost and less water consumption. A steam humidifier will provide more humidity at a faster rate, while also using less water! This is a higher end setup with a more robust system that will last for many years and works great with many types of applications.