Furnace Repair Services in Colorado Springs

If your furnace is not working, you’re not alone! Call the A&A Pro’s 1-719-533-0800, where your comfort is our profession. We stock space heaters to keep you warm until we fix the problem! Our trained and certified technicians use the best tools and methods to pinpoint issues, and fix the problem quickly and efficiently. No work will be completed until you are given a written price, and you agree for us to do the work. The diagnostic fee will also be deducted from the price when we do the work. In most cases we will be able to fix the problem right then and there, and in all cases, we will provide temporary space heaters as needed until the work is done.

Most Common Furnace Problems:

  • Restricted air flow due to dirty air filters, blocked returns, or blocked vents
  • Old or dirty flame sensor (Can be avoided with annual maintenance)
  • Old or cracked igniter (Can be avoided with annual maintenance)
  • Closed pressure switch due to blocked vent, smashed high wind cap, or bad component
  • Normal wear and tear. The expected life for a furnace in El Paso county is 16 years
  • Malfunctioning safety switch or component
  • Undersized or oversized equipment (more common than you would think!)
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Cracked heat exchanger

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